Klom electric pick gun, locksmith tool
Klom Electric pick gun

a great tool specially for locksmiths begginers to have.
it has fast rotation, will pick most of the locks within seconds, and its has many different heads with long lasting battery life. 
it's includes:
1 Main tool/engine (3.6 V - 12,000 Rpm)
1 Rotational head
1 Percussive head
12 Pick blades for standard cylinders with flat
4 Pick blades for dimple pin cylinders
4 Pick blades for wafer locks
2 Pick blades for cross locks
1 Impulse adapter for cross lock pick blades
1 Tension wrench 
1 Replacement holder for pick blades
1 Allen key
1 EU battery charger (230 V)
1 Small case for accessories
1 Belt bag with zipper

Klom Electric Gun Case