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Glass To Glass (HS-201)

Description: Glass to glass door locks system, non drilling required.
Style: Key and thumb way. one side is key locking. other side is with thumb locking.
Keys: Computer keys.
Color: Satin brass core.
Weight: 900 gram approx.
Lock dimension: 65mm width, 90mm hight.
Weight: approx 1 KG
Suit: glass door up to 12mm

Best non drilling Lock for sliding doors and standard doors. it's suits offices and schools. one side is key locking system, and other side is thumb locking system. easy to install. can be install also by one of our locksmiths.
the lock get tightened on the glass door by 2 little screws. 
Glass sliding door lock, with no drilling needed
Glass door lock, non drilling hole

Glass sliding door lock non drilling lock thumb lock
thumb lock office lock | school glass door locks

Glass Door Lock non drill office lock